Huskies News · Mariners Equipment Donation Grant Winners, 2021!

2021 Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grant received more than 45 applications from high schools across the state. Othello High School Baseball and Softball was one of the 10 winners of the $5,000 Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grant. #GoHuskies

Thank you to OHS Athletic Secretary, Ariandna Alvarado, for organizing and submitting the necessary paperwork. Also, we appreciate the following people who wrote supporting letters:
• Jenny McCourtie
• Janelle Andersen
• Chief Phil Schenck
• Mandy McDonald
• Marci Gonzalez
• Marissa Garza
• Coach Sonny Garza
• Coach Rudy Ochoa Sr.
• Student-Athlete Emily Garza

Learn more about the Mariners Care Equipment Donation Grant,